IQ Test

IQ Test

Free IQ Test

If you are looking for a free IQ test then you have found the right website, we let you take our free IQ test which involves answering some questions which are visual and some which make you think, these can all be done online and you'll get the result of your IQ Test instantly.

Knowing your IQ score is great as it allows you to improve on it, share it with friends, see who you are as clever as and try and beat it and do the test again. Taking part is easy and all you do is click the IQ Test link on this page and you'll be able to do it all online in a matter of minutes. Go on test yourself with our free online IQ Test.

Testing your IQ

Testing yourself to find your IQ is fun but also great to see how clever the IQ test thinks you are, many thousands of people around the world take IQ tests every day and people get scores from very low to extremely high meaning we get accurate data.

If you want to set up unique IQ testing for your company or business or want to do it for a school then we can also help with that, you can use our IQ testing facilities online via the information on this page, they can be a great way to spot if anyone is a genius or should be applying for Mensa.

What is an IQ

Here at our aim is clear, to let as many people around the world test their intelligence as possible. We make it simple for you to take an IQ Test so everyone can enter. We also allow you to compare your IQ with the national average as well as with celebrities and famous people to see how you compare.

We have various IQ tests so that you can measure your intelligence in various ways; we have been set up to make it easy and quick for you to get an accurate measurement of your IQ. Many IQ tests out there only have around 10 questions which don't give accuracy and a true IQ, that's why the majority of our tests have around 30 questions. We also often offer a free IQ test so you can get your test results from these simpler tests at no cost.

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